"Art is an absolute mistress: she will not be coquetted with or slighted; she requires the most entire self-devotion, and she repays with grand triumphs." -- Charlotte Saunders Cushman.

No space in the home or workplace should be without pictures! They brighten your day; they inspire and fire the imagination; they hide that damp mark on the wall!

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Between January 2012 and December 2014 we ran an art gallery, GINKGO, next door at 166 St Johns Rd.  Artists who exhibited at our gallery-next-door Included: Sally McInerney, John Baumann, John Parsons, Neil Ernest Tomkins, Anna Ancher, Alyssa Rothwell, Karl Mattas, Jenny Coopes, Kristine Ballard, Janet Venn-Brown, Aleta Lederwasch, Catherine Traicos, Toni McDowell, Susan Papazian, Rainer Woran, Deb Coogan, Pat Sweet, Sue Ingram, Robin Lawrence, Lina Zainal, Marie Larraine Wier, Nicci Pratten, David J Rose and others.

To view full details of the exhibitions held, go to:

 GINKGO back catalogue

You are most welcome to contact us if you are interested in viewing any artworks from past shows.

GINKGO, our gallery-next-door, closed in December 2014.


glebepictureframes always has in stock, or has access to, a range of works on paper by well known, lesser known and emerging Australian printmakers and artists such as Joseph Austin, Kristine Ballard, Charles Blackman, Conchita Carimbano, Judy Cassab, John Coburn, Christine Cordero, Robert Dickerson, Bridget Farmer, Belinda Fox, Minky Grant, Frank Hodgkinson, Tim Hutchinson, Greg Hyde, Rosie Karadada, Imao Keinen, Anita Klein, Max Miller, Clem Millward, Rachel Newling, Bernard Ollis, John Olsen, Robyn Rayner, Nadine Saacks, Wendy Sharpe, Gary Shead, Anne Smith, Andrew Sullivan, Mark Surtees, Rebecca White Taggart, Kati Thamo, Helicopter Tjungarrayi, Paji Honeychild Yankarr...

We also stock an eclectic range of antiquarian prints and Japanese woodblock prints, and we can source for you other etchings, linocuts, lithographs, antique prints and maps if you can give us details of the piece you're interested in. If you purchase an unframed artwork from glebepictureframes and choose to have the piece framed by us we can often do a deal on the total price.  We count among our clients a diverse range of galleries, art dealers, designers, artists and exclusive interior furnishers, and we'd be happy to refer you to them for even more options.

So what exactly is a limited edition print?

Original limited edition prints should not be confused with photo-reproductions. They are original works of art, conceived and created by the artist who is deliberately using a chosen medium to create a desired result. As such, they have a unique vitality and clarity.

The main forms of printmaking are
1) relief printing
2) etching
3) lithography
4) screen printing (or serigraphy)

Relief printing
Relief printing is one of the oldest forms of printmaking, involving the cutting away of unwanted material from a flat surface such as a block of wood (or lino or even a potato cut in half). Ink is then rolled on the raised surface and transferred to paper by pressure.

The etched image is created by the controlled erosion of the surface of a copper, zinc or steel plate by acid. First the plate is covered with an acid resistant ground or wax. The image is then drawn onto the ground with a sharp etching needle or tool to reveal the metal below. The prepared metal is then immersed in acid, which bites into the exposed metal. Generally speaking, the longer the exposure time, the deeper the mark. The plate is then inked and wiped so that the ink remains only in the etched lines or areas. It is then put through an etching press and printed under pressure onto dampened paper, producing the image.

Lithography is a medium that relies on the premise that oil and water repel each other. A prepared limestone (or metal) plate is drawn onto directly using a grease crayon or brush. The plate is then dampened and an oil based ink is applied with a roller. The ink adheres to the greasy image and is repelled by the damp areas. Layers of colour can be built up using a different stone or plate for each, allowing the artist to achieve infinitely varied effects of colour transparency and texture in the final image.

Commonly referred to as screen printing, this involves transferring the an image onto a mesh screen and blocking out surrounding areas. The screen is made from gauze stretched over a frame of wood or metal. Ink is applied to the screen; it goes through the areas left open on the screen and onto the paper beneath. Colours can be built up using a new screen for each one.

Whichever technique is used, once an edition is printed the plate is cancelled or destroyed so that the prints maintain their rarity and value. Often proofs are made before the final image is settled on (usually marked ďA/PĒ for artists proof), which though outside the edition, retain their value for their originality and can demonstrate the evolving stages of the process.

Please bear in mind that artists and printmakers produce works in small numbers, so we cannot guarantee that what you see on these pages and links will be available when you make an enquiry. We do, however, update regularly and the printmakers and artists are constantly producing new work, so donít be put off Ė give us a call today!  No speculation that any artwork purchased from glebepictureframes may appreciate in value is implied by us. We firmly believe that one should buy art because one likes it. A piece of art should evoke some response in the viewer, whether it be simply an appreciation of the colours, style or mood the work creates, or be it something more meaningful, sentimental or nostalgic. If the artwork then happens to appreciate in value over time - well then thatís an added bonus! 


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