"The world today doesn't make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?" -- Pablo Picasso.

The pictures don't have to make sense, but the framing does. The staff at glebepictureframes are ready to assist you.

168 St Johns Road
Glebe, 2037
02 9660 0328

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Tom is the owner and manager of glebepictureframes. He set up the business in October 2001, after working in the framing industry for about 13 years. Back in 1988, he spent a couple of years at a specialised framing studio in Woollahra, Sydney, where he learnt the basics of traditional framing methods, and so began an interest in picture framing. He then spent a number of years representing one of Australia's framing wholesalers, a job which took him to the states of Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, the ACT, country NSW, and Queensland from the Gold Coast to Port Douglas. He advised framers on all aspects of the framing industry, sold framing equipment & materials, and picked up many tricks of the trade which he is now able to put to good use at glebepictureframes. Prior to establishing the shop at Glebe, he set up and ran a framing studio in Bondi Beach for three years, a business he sold in early 2001 (it continues to operate today).

Heather joined glebepictureframes in September 2005 & since then has become an integral part of the business. She
completed the Framing School course and worked for a number framing businesses around the inner west of Sydney prior to joining us, including probably Sydney's most respected framing establishment. There she gained skills in hand-finishing & gilding, and her creative inspiration and enthusiasm has become one of glebepictureframes greatest assets. Heather initially worked on fitting-up & assembly, but now she is involved in all aspects of the business including client consultations, admin and planning (though she's still happiest with a paint brush in her hand!).

Claire commenced her stretch at glebepictureframes in April 2008. She has a Phd in neuro science and claims to be currently undertaking a degree in psychology, but it is suspected by other members of the staff that she has succumbed to the lure of the picture frame and will soon give up her studies and devote her life to our cause! Despite having had no experience in framing or the arts, Claire has excelled herself in the field and now does the majority of our assembly & fitting-up. Her conscientious and reliable work-ethic, neatness and attention to detail have helped build glebepictureframes reputation for quality workwomanship!

Gareth joined glebepictureframes in April 2004. A meticulous worker with an evil sense of humour, he did much of the "fitting up" (assembly), including glass cutting & mat cutting, and also a lot of the hand-finishing of timber frames. And he is a talented artist, drawing and painting in his unique sci-fi/feral/grunge style and creating fantastic tattoo, jewellery and banner designs. In 2006 Gareth moved on, so nowadays is only here when we are short staffed & need some extra help...

Scott started with us in July 2006. He's had much experience working for many framing workshops around Sydney for the last several years. He helps with the cutting & joining of the picture frames, the staining / limewashing & waxing of frames and some of the fitting up (assembly). Nowadays Scott has his own framing business in a nearby suburb, but still may be called in during busy periods...


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